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Experimental components, designs, and other resources are presented for testing and feedback. They are not intended for production use.


The Carbon team is continually updating components, and introducing new design and development guidelines into the Carbon Design System.

We want to provide early-access to our changes, so that designers and developers can test, work with, and provide feedback. These resources are provided in the "Experimental" section of the site.

What are "experimental" resources?

Experimental components, designs, patterns, and other resources are work that is still under development.

They are not intended for production use, and are subject to change but are in a state where it can be productive for designers and developers to start to work with them. They may have some non-functional pieces, or be lacking in documentation. There is no guarantee of support.

These resources are also the future path of the Carbon Design System. As they are refined and improved, they may become core resources.

How can I help?

Your feedback is critical for the success of the Carbon Design System, and for experimental components to improve and "graduate" to being production ready. Please open a GitHub issue from the footer of any page on the Carbon Design System website to let the team know what you think. Or, if you see a problem, fix it and submit a pull request. We make sure that we acknowledge all contributors to the Carbon Design System.