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Carbon utilizes feature-flags to toggle new features on and off.

We currently have two feature-flags available for testing. Experimental components: use components-x and the UI shell: uses ui-shell.

To turn on either of the feature flags include the feature-flag variable into your SCSS file before importing carbon-components, then set components-x and/or ui-shell to true.

$feature-flags: ( components-x: true, ui-shell: true, ); @import 'carbon-components/src/globals/scss/styles';

Note: You must be using Sass and not the compiled CSS file in order to take advantage of the code using feature flags.


Experimental components, designs, patterns, and other resources are work that is still under development.

They are not intended for production use, and are subject to change but are in a state where it can be productive for designers and developers to start to work with them. They may have some non-functional pieces, or be lacking in documentation. There is no guarantee of support.