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The Carbon core team provides support for users of the design system. Find the use case below that most closely matches your own for the quickest response.

If you have questions

Carbon website

Please take some time to explore the content on this website before engaging the Carbon team. The site is very comprehensive and most of the guidelines and components are well documented.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to the most common questions about the design system can be found in the Carbon FAQ.

Slack channels

Internal IBM users only. The Carbon core team maintains the following channels and will provide support as time permits.

Please try searching the Slack channel for your topic first. Slack’s filtering feature will return more targeted and relevant results. For instance, if you have a technical question about the DataTable component, you could search “DataTable” in Slack and then filter by the #carbon-components channel. Tip: You can start a new search directly from the message box using the /s slash command.

For designer questions: #carbon-design-system

For developer questions: #carbon-components, #carbon-react


Messages to will be addressed by the Carbon technical team as quickly as possible.


The Carbon team can also be reached on Twitter: @_carbondesign

If you have suggestions or contributions

GitHub pull requests

If you have a specific fix or contribution, you can generate a pull request (PR) in the appropriate Carbon repo.

GitHub issues

Bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback can be delivered to the Carbon team via the creation of a GitHub issue.

Design issues

Carbon Design Kit






Everything else

Code Issues